Big Wheels Finally Turning: On the Road At Last!

Selling our house took more time than we thought it would, so we found ourselves living the full-time stationary life for almost two and a half months while we got the final work done, then maintained the house while it was being shown and finally cleared everything out ahead of the closing which ended up being delayed. Had we known about the delay before we rented a moving truck we would probably still be stationary, but we found out after which meant we only had four days to get our furniture to Carolyn’s sister in Tulsa, Oklahoma and turn the truck in. So we made the decision to go and finally hit the road.

Carolyn drove the RV and I drove the moving truck. The weather did its best to make us regret our decision to go by throwing thunderstorms and driving rain at us until we finally surrendered and stopped for the night at a Cracker Barrel in Russellville, Arkansas. Yes, staying overnight at Cracker Barrel is a thing for RVers. We checked with the manager when we stopped in to pick up our dinner to go. The staff was wonderful and we had a decent night’s sleep. The next morning we hit the road early, stopped briefly so Carolyn could attend a virtual meeting for work, then we drove the final 3 hours to Tulsa.

All tucked in at Cracker Barrel.

As we got close to Tulsa, I was struck by how the land slowly flattened out from the Ozark Mountains and the sky seemed to expand like the curtains being drawn from the screen in a movie theater. It just got bigger and bigger. I was also struck by the change to an 80 mile per hour speed limit on a road where I could see miles ahead. We arrived at Carolyn’s sister’s house at lunchtime and quickly unpacked the truck because we were so close to the deadline to get it turned in. Once we had it empty, we returned it, then I took Carolyn back to her sister’s while I took Belvedere to get checked in at the RV park. I’ll have more to say about the RV park in a future post.

After a couple days of work and visiting family, we took time on Sunday to explore Tulsa. We drove downtown to explore some of the Deco District, a part of downtown where there are a number of stunning Art Deco buildings. We also explored a bit of Route 66 in Tulsa, then finished the day with a quick visit to Cain’s Ballroom where Bob Wills played then pizza for dinner at Andolini Sliced. I will also write about all of our food experiences in Tulsa in a later blog post. They were all so good!

We finally closed on the house a week later than planned. We met with a mobile notary and signed the papers in the laundry room of the RV park. The delay in our closing has frustrated our travel planning. Ideally, we would like to travel on weekends so we have time to get set up and fully connected before work on Monday morning. Signing on a Monday means moving on a weekday. So, our plan at this point is to make a shorter move than we originally planned finish the work week there then make our big move next weekend. Nothing has worked as we imagined it would. But, our plans for the future are just beginning to take shape and now that one chapter is actually complete, we are free to start the next one!


Born the same day Gemini 7 launched. I love to travel and photograph new places.

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