Baby’s First Bath – Taking the RV to Blue Beacon Truck Wash

Getting our RV on the first of November was a little like being let into a nightclub at last call, we had a short shakedown before we had to drive home, winterize and store the coach. Our poor RV was in an outside storage area from mid-November to the first of March.

Winters in Nashville tend to be rainy, but this year took it to a new level. It felt like the rain would NEVER stop. By the time we got it back to the house in late February it was covered in black streaks that ran down from the roof and she was filthy, but the rain wouldn’t let up and then the pandemic came along. So, we started May by getting her cleaned up.

Even though it’s a small RV, our rig is still too big for most regular car washes, instead we followed the recommendations of folks on the Leisure Travel Enthusiasts group on Facebook and took it to the nearest Blue Beacon Truck Wash which just happened to be one exit down on the interstate.

Blue Beacon is a nationwide chain of truck washes with a good reputation for doing a quality job. They have over 110 locations across the US and Canada and you can download their app which will help you find the one closest to you. They are set up to wash big rigs so accommodating a large class A is no issue and our little B+ looked almost lost in the giant wash bay. Their driveway can accommodate a lot of trucks so keep in mind that you could be in for a long wait on a busy day. However, many of their locations are open 24/7 so you could plan to visit at a less busy time.

While you are waiting in line, someone will come out to talk to you about your choice of services and any special instructions. The Classic Wash is not a mechanical car wash, it’s done by a team of people with power sprayers, warm soapy water and brushes, though you can request that they not use the brushes if you are concerned about the finish on your coach. They also offer a brightener for aluminum wheels. We skipped the brightener because it’s an acid solution can damage the Durabrite coating on our aluminum wheels. We also asked that they not use the brushes. You can also direct them to be careful not to spray directly into any of the vents for the water heater, furnace, or refrigerator. While you are waiting, there is also a vacuum available to clean out your interior before the wash.

Once the truck ahead of you clears the bay, someone will direct you to pull forward into the bay and show you where to stop. Then, a team of people descend on your RV and get to work. When they are close to done, one of the guys will signal you it’s time to pay and he will direct you to the office across the bay. As you get out of your RV they will stop spraying to allow you to pass, then resume work while you are in the office paying the bill. Once you’ve paid you walk back to your rig and pull out into the sunshine.

All clean!!!

After a half hour wait in line, the wash took about ten minutes and our RV looked fabulous for the next three whole hours until major storm blew through Nashville packing 75 mil per hour winds. When the winds died down and we could survey the damage left behind we found our RV covered in leaf debris. Thanks, Nashville!


Born the same day Gemini 7 launched. I love to travel and photograph new places.

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