Going to see about an RV

So last weekend, we said goodbye to the working majority of our furniture.  NOW we see a difference.  My sister and her husband rented a truck, I contracted with a moving company to have 2 movers assist with loading (best. decision. ever.) and away went our furniture, some kitchen goods and assorted odds and ends to help my nephew set up his first post-college place.  A note about the moving company; At Your Service movers is the name of the company, and they were truly exceptional. I paid for 2 hours of their time and they took the big stuff out of my house and into the truck.  They arrived on time, they were friendly, courteous, they took care of both our furniture and house and I could not have been happier (my back agrees).  Best money I have spent in a long time.  We moved so much furniture out that we had to break out the camp chairs afterwards so everyone had a seat. 

As a reward for making such huge progress on downsizing last weekend, we are taking a quick weekender to St. Louis for the 49th anniversary celebration at Van City.  As all 3 of our readers know, we are purchasing our RV through Van City.  Last year at this time, we went and saw the new Wonder RTB prototype they were testing prior to launching.  This year, they will have the Unity Rear Lounge, which we are dying to see.  On the surface, that unit is smoking hot, with loads of windows, including ones at cat height, which is the equivalent of super luxe cable tv to our furry little tyrants.  The recliner seating is also appealing to us, as is the kitchen. It is on the 2019 Mercedes chassis, which is the same as our FX will have. The only real negative is that the Murphy bed is just not big enough for us.  For one, we are not small people, and for another, someone who shall remain nameless likes to sleep dead center in the bed, leaving someone else (me) clinging to the side.  As in every successful relationship, give and take is key to our marriage, so while I give him that extra space, I take away all of the covers and wrap myself like a human burrito, leaving him with mostly nothing.  Hey, it works for us. 

We love St Louis, and both are feeling the itch for a road trip, so this cannot come soon enough.  Since we know we will be sporting two mortgages (house and RV) for a bit after we get the RV, we are saving all of our pennies to tide us over, which means no major international trips….grrrrrrr.  Now, this is the part where I could go wax rhapsodic about deferred gratification and how it leads to being able to live your dreams (which is true).  I could discuss with a hint of self righteous pride the intrinsic rewards of internal discipline (not feeling it) but right now it is just plain sucks, so I am going to focus on the things I am looking forward to in St. Louis.  1. New RV to explore. ( Aiyeee!).  2. Breakfast at the MudHouse. 3) Insomnia Cookies. 4. Seeing our friends Rich and Lana and at least 1 new thing, yet to be discovered, which is the entire reason we like to travel.  Insatiable curiosity. 

Eye on the prize, dang it!

Author: carolyn@runawayrowes.com

Oops. You caught me pretending to adult. When pretending to adult, I hold down a job. I go to school. I parent cats. Whether pretending to adult or not, I love Lee with every fiber in my being. He gets me. He is pretending to adult too.

One thought on “Going to see about an RV”

  1. Sharon and I love reading your updates. Well, it sounds like you all are just another step closer
    to your dream. Congratulations on having the courage of your convictions and making them happen.
    Keep us posted on your progress.
    All the Best!!


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